Plastic Cluster Burgenland

An Initiative of The Federal Economic Chamber of Burgenland
20 partner companies
2000 employees
Established in 2005
10 focus topics

The companies of the plastic processing industry and the plastic processing trade in Burgenland began joint projects with the aim of finding synergies that benefit businesses individually. These benefits also directly benefit clients, suppliers and partners. The Burgenland Federal Economic Chamber provides this competitively advantageous network platform. Other sectors are invited to imitate.

Benefits for the companies within this network:



Knowledge enhancement through exchanges of experiences in management:
Company visits within and outside the network cluster, project presentations by individual companies therefore helping to generate further ideas for the other partner companies, discussions with specialists during network meetings


Combined expertise from all employees involved to further develop skills as a targeted measure for the growth of internal specialists



Reduce costs and increase efficiency via the synergies in business collaborations based on network-grown trust


Responsibility for the future generation, together the requirements of sustainability and the circular economy are met


Innovation as a growth engine for companies

International research projects within the cluster are conducted and presented by specialists. These research projects are then implemented in partner companies, i.e. The Plastic Cluster of Lower Austria, The Plastic Cluster of Upper Austria.
Competence Map - Competent Partners for Growth Projects:

Competences of individual companies acquired in the key performance indicators of their core business are depicted and presented on the web platform, “BridgeUp”. This Austria-wide platform makes it possible to reinvigorate different corporate competencies and to develop new business models.


Recycling - as a part of ecological management

Recycling (as a part of ecological management) is currently being comprehensively worked on with experts from the Montanuniversität Leoben within the cluster. Their goal is to have optimal sustainable and resource-efficient production in the companies. There are current and on-going discussions regarding exemplary processes for recycling waste. Ideally, quality products made from either partial recyclate or pure recyclate with economic and ecological benefits are sought within the cluster. Holistic process thinking is the basis for this. Waste recyclers are project partners. Experts are currently exploring new opportunities for shared recycling activities.


Energy efficient analysis

Energy efficient analysis (as a part of ecological management) with the recommendation from experts began being carried out via energy monitoring within the partner companies. This is where energy consumption and energy distribution are recorded and also where energy relevant plants and processes are determined. Energy monitoring allows companies to identify cost-saving measures. The energy efficiency derived from this is the basis for the introduction of an energy management system under the ISO 50001 certification. Furthermore, what are significant are the exchanges of experiences between the companies of the Plastics Cluster Burgenland, Plastics Cluster of Lower Austria and Plastics Cluster of Upper Austria.


Improvement process (CIP)

A continuous improvement process (CIP) serves as an instrument for the optimisation and standardisation in the companies. At the same time, it also strengthens the self-responsibility of the employees via a structured suggestion system. The goals of this process are to:
• Strengthen the awareness of the continuous improvement process;
• Provide training to CIP managers to increase productivity;
• Reduce costs;
• Improve quality;
• Improve time management;
• And ensure health and safety.
It is worth mentioning that exemplary company visits to external companies and also to member companies illustrated efficient savings measures and the commitment and motivation of the employees.


Exchange of experiences

Exchange of experiences of quality managers: The meetings of quality managers from member companies were started by the need for information on the updates of audits such as ISO 9001: 2015. Experts were invited, innovations were clearly presented, and processes were played through. Experiences of the members with auditors were exchanged, thereby making the process of auditing much easier. At the respective company visits, new and relevant topics often arise for discussion such as: quality management as one of the management systems of management, knowledge management (knowledge as key resource


Future-oriented training

Future-oriented training topics are developed in a demand-oriented way with the members to benefit employees and help them gain higher qualifications. Joint training and further education within the cluster include innovative topics in the areas of management and leadership training, organisational development such as training as facilitators in the CIP, training as an internal auditor. Training is carried out by the WIFI Burgenland or in joint technical development among others through the TGM Vienna.


Competence management

Competence management for specialists in the company - this is to counteract a possible shortage of skilled workers. Bringing skilled workers into the company externally is becoming increasingly difficult for companies as a result of demographic trends. As a counter-strategy it is advisable to develop specialists within companies via career planning (an offer for employees) and by managing the competences necessary to reach the goals of the companies. In the first step, competences that are required to reach the business goals in the future are determined. In the second step, measures for competence development of employees are defined and the necessary structures are then set up within the companies.


Member companies:

The world market leader for traffic control systems, automotive suppliers for major car brands and the recycler of PET beverage bottles, the CSR Corporate Social Responsibility pioneer, SMEs score high as niche players and small series manufacturers are among the innovation award winners. These and other top company members of the Plastic Cluster of Burgenland are very diverse. In the following, the individual companies are shown with a link to detailed product information.


Präzision | Qualität | Leidenschaft


Our company, founded in 1980, specialises in the manufacture of high-precision milled and turned parts, also in Plastic injection molding parts. Our customers benefit from our decades of experience and our skilled employees‘ dedication to innovation. Our motto: We work for our customers in a reliable, skilful and passionate way. Our high quality ensures that our customer relationships will last.


Distribution: Benjamin Schuchlenz, b.schuchlenz@hoeschgmbh.at, +43/676/844 811-300

Production: Christian Kropf, c.kropf@hoeschgmbh.at, +43/676/844 811-400



1mts ProForm

we develop, we shape and we produce your vision

1mts ProForm

From the first idea to the final product - we are happy to support you in every phase of your project in a professional way. We can save you a lot of time as we have everything you need to be faster in house! 3D-CAD, CAM, toolmaking, robot manufacturing, 5axis and HSC machining, as well as chip recognition of workpieces which is standard for us. We sample all injection molding tools according to automotive standard on one of our machines in house, Measuring, reverse engineering, injection molding (35t-300t). Well-known international customers in different fields trust to our knowhow and adherence to schedules.

we develop, we shape and we produce your vision
joy and fun at work is our spirit




Austrotherm GmbH

Der österreichische Dämmstoffspezialist

Austrotherm GmbH
Friedrich Schmid-Straße 165
2754 Waldegg/Wopfing

Austrotherm is an Austrian family-owned enterprise and specialist for premium quality and future-oriented thermal-insulating and construction products. As in many areas the only Austrian producer of insulating materials, facade elements and interior-sanitary-construction products (panels) Austrotherm stands for perfect quality, optimal service as well as for energy- and environmental friendly solutions.

Bamed Babyartikel GmbH

Entwicklung von Babyartikeln der Marke MAM

Bamed Babyartikel GmbH
GZ Ost, DLZ 2, Top3
7011 Siegendorf

In 1976, Peter Röhrig of Vienna had the idea to, for the first time, combine outstanding design with optimal functionality and medical safety for baby products. The trained plastics engineer, together with a team of scientists, doctors and designers from the Vienna University of Applied Arts developed the first MAM soother that set the example for both appearance and function. Today, more than 80 million MAM products are sold annually in 60 countries on five continents. In the soother segment, MAM is the market leader in Austria as well as in many other countries (USA, UK, Sweden etc.). 1997 the R&D department of MAM, the Bamed Babyartikel GmbH was founded in Siegendorf in Burgenland and today 28 people are developing innovative babyproducts for the global market. More than 900 employees around the world contribute daily to this success.


Dipl.-Ing Norbert Polatschek, Norbert.Polatschek@mambaby.com, Tel.: +43 1 49 141 - 750

Harald Schermann, Harald.Schermann@mambaby.com, Tel.: +43 1 49 141 – 739

Haydnstraße 88
7024 Hirm

EM ist ein Familienbetrieb in dritter Generation und produziert sowohl reine Gummi- und Kunststoffformartikel, als auch Verbundteile mit Metall oder Kunststoff.

EM bietet eine Gesamtlösung von der Skizze bis hin zum Fertigteil - Alles aus einer Hand. Angefangen von der eigenen Mischerei, Konstruktion über Werkzeugbau und Produktion bieten wir das gesamte Spektrum an, um unsere Kunden bestmöglich und in kurzer Zeit zufrieden zu stellen.


Beratung, Vertrieb und Produktion für Schiffs-, LKW- und Eisenbahnindustrie

Werner von Siemens-Straße 5
7343 Neutal

Wir beraten unsere Kunden bei der Entwicklung von Neuteilen und entscheiden zusammen den Einsatz der unterschiedlichen Materialien. Wir planen, designen, bauen Prototypen und unterstützen bei der Serienfertigung der Produkte.

Aufgrund unserer guten Kontakte in den verschiedensten Bereichen können wir Produkte aus unterschiedlichen Materialien anbieten. Seien es Kunststoffplatten, Spritzguss- oder Extrusionsteile, aber auch Stahlbauprodukte wie Stahlgussplatten.

Stetige Entwicklungen haben es zur Notwendigkeit gemacht, eine eigene Produktion für unterschiedliche Produkte aufzubauen. Zusätzlich stellt die FT-TEC unseren Kunden auch Formen im Elastomerbereich zur Verfügung. 

Um unseren Kunden ein breites Portfolio an Produkten anbieten zu können, haben wir die Vertretung von namhaften Unternehmen für Österreich und Europa übernommen.

HELLA Fahrzeugteile Austria GmbH

Partner der Automobilindustrie seit über 100 Jahren

HELLA Fahrzeugteile Austria GmbH
Fabriksgasse 2
7503 Großpetersdorf

HELLA is a global, family-owned company listed on the stock exchange that employs some 36,000 members of staff at over 125 locations in some 35 countries. The HELLA Group develops and manufactures lighting and electronic components and systems for the automotive industry, and also has one of the largest trade organizations for automotive parts, accessories, diagnosis and services within Europe. HELLA Fahrzeugteile Austria GmbH has the global responsibility inside the HELLA Group for development, manufacturing and sales of products for international original equipment manufacturers in the Off-Highway segment. Among these are agricultural and construction machinery, mining vehicles, motorcycles and snowmobiles as well as ships and boats. The product portfolio comprises mainly work lamps and headlamps as well as lights on the basis of modern LED technology. Production occurs on site in Grosspetersdorf. Additional marketing, sales and development functions are situated in Vienna.

Horitschoner Werkzeugbau GmbH

Kompetenter und flexibler Partner für die Industrie auf dem Gebiet Spritzgusstechnologie

Horitschoner Werkzeugbau GmbH
Industriestraße 1
7312 Horitschon

Wir bieten Formenbau und Spritzgusswerkzeuge und liefern von Österreich aus nach Deutschland und in die ganze Welt.
Unsere Formen prägen die Zukunft.

•    Unterstützung bei Produktentwicklung / Machbarkeitsanalysen
•    3D-Konstruktion und Moldflow-Analysen
•    Spritzguß-Werkzeuge bis zu 15 Tonnen Gesamtgewicht
•    "Werkzeugdoktor" - Reparatur und Sanierung von Spritzguß-Werkzeugen
•    Werkzeugbemusterung bis 10 kg Schussgewicht
•    Klein- und Sonderserien

HWB: Einstieg in „Industrie 4.0“
Das Vorhaben umfasst die Anschaffung von 2 Fräs-Bearbeitungszentren, die Modernisierung und Erweiterung der EDV-Systeme (CAD/CAM/CAE/Prozessoptimierung) und der An-kauf von diversem Zubehör.


Profitieren Sie von:
•    40 Jahre Erfahrung im Werkzeug- und Formenbau
•    30 engagierte Facharbeiter und Techniker
•    Erstbemusterung im Hause bis max. 1250 to Schließkraft

HT Electronic Systems GmbH
Fabriksgelände 1
7201 Neudörfl
Telefon: +43 2622 460-0

HT Electronic Systems versteht sich als verlässlicher Partner für Kunden aus der Gesundheits-, Elektronik- und Automobilzulieferindustrie für die Herstellung von Präzisionskunststoff- und Kunststoff-Metall-Verbund-Bauteilen.


Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt - Wo Zukunft Gegenwart ist

Bad Kissingenplatz 3
7000 Eisenstadt
Telefon: +43 02682 64605

Usage of the materials The automotive and aerospace industries, the mechanical engineering, the electrical engineering / electronics and many other technical industries require high-tech materials. All these branches benefit from developments in materials science as providing them with specific "tailor-made" solutions for their applications. For the graduates of materials technology a wide range of occupations and jobs are opened with many operational possibilities. Metallurgical materials technology in Eisenstadt is unique in Austria.

Isosport Verbundbauteile GmbH

Innovative Films, Sheets and Composites

Isosport Verbundbauteile GmbH
7000 Eisenstadt

Isosport is the world market leader in the field of plastic composite materials for the ski and snowboard industry and reliable quality supplier of high performance films, sandwich panels, fiber composites, and tennis strings. Our subsidiary ISOKON in Slovenia is specialized in the production of extruded and pressed thermoplastic materials for various industries, such as the food industry, automotive industry and mechanical engineering. 

Our focus is on innovative solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Based on quality, service and innovation we have established ourselves as valuable partner in development and as strategic supplier. Our 400 skilled employees bring their wealth of experience gained in the ski industry to exceed customer expectations and to develop new markets.

Josef Weissmantel GmbH

Technische Formteile, Gummi-Metallverbindungen, Verbundteile und Membrane

Josef Weissmantel GmbH
Wiener Straße 105
7013 Klingenbach

Technische Formteile, Gummi-Metallverbindungen, Verbundteile und Membrane aller Art
aus allen Elastomeren, Kautschuken und Kunststoffen. Vom Prototyp, über Vorproduktionen bis zu Serienproduktionen für die gesamte Industrie seit 1929 im Dienste der Wirtschaft.


Kromberg & Schubert Austria GmbH & Co. KG

Zulieferer der Automobilindustrie

Kromberg & Schubert Austria GmbH & Co. KG
Ungargasse 111
7350 Oberpullendorf

At the location Oberpullendorf the company mainly develops and produces plastic parts and tools (mould construction) as well as test equipment and is responsible for the transactions of the European Wire Harness Systems within the Group.

Daniela Kölbl-Reumann
Secretariat of the management

PET to PET Recycling Österreich GmbH

Ein Recycling Unternehmen für PET Getränkeflaschen der führenden österreichischen Getränkehersteller

PET to PET Recycling Österreich GmbH
SET-Strasse 10
7052 Müllendorf

At PET to PET Recycling GmbH used PET bottles that have been collected are converted into raw material for the production of new PET bottles. In this way, the international flagship company contributes to ensure that PET bottles are recycled in a resource-efficient manner within a closed-loop system and, since commissioning the recycling plant in 2007, has already been able to make a significant contribution to the circular economy in Austria. On average, around 930 million PET bottles per year are moving through the recycling loop, which means that each year around 23,000 tonnes of PET material can be returned to the sustainable resource cycle. Highest quality, sustainable investment and ongoing process optimization are characteristics of the plant, which is jointly operated by leading companies in the Austrian beverage industry.

R + M Ressourcen + Management GmbH

Specific support of waste handling, treatment and management

R + M Ressourcen + Management GmbH
Marktgasse 34
7434 Bernstein
Telefon: 00 43 3354 23937

Extensive experience in all fields of waste management and treatment technologies – from planning to operation – as well as in the organisation of projects and in business management, esp. in

- Waste collection and logistics

- Splitting and composting technologies

- Energy recovery/waste incineration/waste to energy

- Decontamination and remediation

- Recovery of metals, plastics, recyclables

Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Krug, managing partner

Seal Maker Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH

Partner der Dichtungsindustrie

Seal Maker Produktions- und Vertriebs GmbH
Viktor-Kaplan-Allee 7
7023 Pöttelsdorf

From the machined seal to the Worldwide Sealing System
Seal Maker is a global manufacturer of high-quality semi-finished products, CNC lathes and seals that are used in all industrial sectors.

The company is on a continuous expansion course since its founding in 1997, and now the network of satisfied customers comprises partners in more than 65 countries on all continents. Besides the guaranteed quality of the manufactured products, Seal Maker’s particular great strengths lie in service, flexibility in manufacturing customized products, reduced processing times and reliability in processing orders.

Due to facilities in Singapore and Shanghai Seal Maker is also a reliable partner in international business.

SN Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH

Von der Produktentwicklung bis zur Serienproduktion

SN Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH
Wiener Straße 17
7210 Mattersburg
Telefon: +43 676 4123061

SWARCO FUTURIT Verkehrssignalsysteme Ges.m.b.H

Partner von Entwicklung und Herstellung von optischen Systemen für die Verkehrstechnik einschließlich Kunststoffverarbeitung

SWARCO FUTURIT Verkehrssignalsysteme Ges.m.b.H
Mühlgasse 86
2380 Perchtoldsdorf

SWARCO FUTURIT is one of the world’s leading producers of LED-based signalling and lighting technology. Traffic lights, variable message signs and street lights form the portfolio of energy-efficient, sustainable, long-life products for road safety and traffic control. System integrators and traffic authorities in more than 70 countries trust SWARCO FUTURIT’s outstanding quality made in Austria in production, service and personal consultancy. The award-winning company works with quality and environmental management systems according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001. SWARCO FUTURIT is one of the key companies of the international traffic technology corporation SWARCO of Austrian entrepreneur Manfred Swarovski.

TVS-Wippel GmbH

Technische Verarbeitungssysteme von Kunststoffen, Metallen,Gummi

TVS-Wippel GmbH
Industriegasse I/5-7
7053 Hornstein

For more information, see www.tvs-wippel.at

WFK Werkzeug-, Formenbau und KunststoffproduktionsgmbH

Wir formen ihre Ideen in Kunststoff

WFK Werkzeug-, Formenbau und KunststoffproduktionsgmbH
Industriestraße I/8
7053 Hornstein

Web: www.wfk.at

For more information, see www.wfk.at


Cluster Meetings

Waste recycling company Oswald Hackl in Wulkaprodersdorf was the target of the last cluster meeting in October 2017. An interesting tour of the plant gave an insight into the processes of a sustainable and future-oriented operating waste recycler.

Innovative possibilities for future collaborations in terms of sustainable recycling were discussed. The project manager of the Montanuniversität Leoben also made the subject “Recycling of Plastic Waste” concrete and a further procedure was discussed.

Next cluster meeting April 2018

The next meeting will be organized in April 2018. Topics: EU Plastic Strategy 2018 with lecturer, Dr. Susanne Gfatter, WKO Chemical Industry. Furthermore, there are plans to discuss the possibilities of sustainable recycling

management with developments of innovative technological alterations for plastic producers in Burgenland and their partners. A representative of the company Borealis Linz Innovation Center is being requested to speak on this topic.

“ERFA QM” Experience Exchange of Quality Managers

Erwin Mach Gummitechnik hosted the last ERFA QM meeting in September 2017. The topics: Review of the joint, custom-designed "Training as an Internal Auditor" by Wifi Eisenstadt, which was successfully held within the cluster in 2017.

The topic "Complaint Handling" was presented by Kromberg & Schubert and discussed intensively. The host, GF DI Erwin M.Mach presented the company Erwin Mach, its quality management strategies and the merchandise management program. Lively learning from examples from other companies was again the focus of this meeting.

Next meeting in April 2018: Topic: fluctuation at certain workplaces creates knowledge deficits - how do we maintain workplace-related knowledge in the company, how do we manage company-specific skills of the employees.

EU project “Regionet Competitive”

“Crossing borders and discovering new opportunities for Burgenland’s SMEs” - Under this motto, the Chamber of Commerce Burgenland, the Regional Management Burgenland and Hungarian partners initiated another EU project that will implement activities by mid-2019.

Business contact fairs, bilateral exchange of experience and joint trainings are in the works with the aim of making regional entrepreneurship more internationally competitive through increased cross-border cooperation.

For details, please visit: www.regionetcompetitive.eu



Mag. Ewald Hombauer

Economic Chamber of Burgenland
Robert-Graf-Platz 1
7000 Eisenstadt
Tel.: +43 5 90907 3210
Fax: +43 5 90907 3715
E-Mail: ewald.hombauer@wkbgld.at
Website: wko.at/bgld

Dr. Silvie Leeb

Coop Consulting
Tel.: +43 664 3256210

E-Mail: s.leeb@coop-consulting.net
Internet: www.coop-consulting.net