Kunststoffnetzwerk Burgenland


The company WFK Werkzeug-, Formenbau und Kunststoffproduktions GesmbH, see themselves as a reliable plastics processor with a good reputation in the branch.

Their motivated and highly trained staff and the use of the most modern technology and optimised processes make it possible for them to offer all the whole range of work from planning and creating the tools to the processing of various plastic materials with the most modern machinery as well as assembling if required.

Their success factors are optimum customer care, a comprehensive range of services in tool making and plastics processing, flexibility dealing with the order, continuous training of staff and investment in the newest technology.


Business Activities


§         analysis & development



§         prototyping & implementation



§         manufacture



§         development



§         implementation



§         production



§         finishing



§         tool manufacture


WFK Werkzeug-, Formenbau
und KunststoffproduktionsgmbH
Industriestraße I/8
A-7053 Hornstein
Tel.: +43 2689 2735-0
Fax: +43 2689 2735-2731
E-Mail: rudolf.wagner@wfk.at
Internet: www.wfk.at
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