Kunststoffnetzwerk Burgenland


The TVS-Wippel GmbH belongs to the group of small and medium-sized enterprises and they are mainly active as a supplier in the automotive industry. The company deals with the mould construction and with tool manufacture as well as with the rubber- and plastics production.

Newly manufactured tools can immediately be tested and optimized. By working closely with the customers, it is possible to respond quickly to requests for change or respond to problems in product manufacturing.


Business Activities


§         Tool manufacture



§         Moulded article



§         Work on 3D-CAD Workstations and with Pro-Engineer



§         Plastics PA/PP/POM/ABS



§         Elastomeric



§         Silicone



§         Mass production mould


TVS-Wippel GmbH
Wilhelm Wippel
Industriegasse I/5-7
7053 Hornstein
Tel.: +43 2689 2444
Fax: +43 2689 2444-16
E-Mail: office@tvs-wippel.at
Internet: www.tvs-wippel.at
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