Kunststoffnetzwerk Burgenland

The company SN-Kunststoffverarbeitung was founded in 1987 by Nikolaus Nemeskeri. They started on three machines with the production of engineering thermoplastics for the electrical industry. The former materials were PC, PBT, PU and PA.

Today, they produce thermoplastics and thermoset components in two locations with a total of 10 injection moulding machines, 30 employees and over 2 million sales. Customers basically come from the electrical engineering field.


Business Activities

§         Thermoset



§         Trade products



§         Particular products



§         Thermoplastics


SN Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH
Wiener Straße 17
A-7210 Mattersburg
Tel.: +43 2626 65292
Fax: +43 2626 65292-9
E-Mail: sn@aon.at
Internet: www.sn-co.at
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