Kunststoffnetzwerk Burgenland

The compay Novoplastic was founded in 1965 in Schreibersdorf. The first products were welded PVC blankets in all types. Because of space reasons moved the company to Pinkafeld and afterwards to Wiesfleck in the 70s. The machinery has been rebuilt and modernized over the years. Today produces Novoplastic, which was acquired in 2007 by Johann Plank, special products in various forms. Particular strengths are flexibility in terms of quantity and delivery time.


Business Activities

§         Book- covers


§         Book- slipcase


§         Laminations (up to size 70 x 100cm)


§         Mouse pads


§         Puzzle games laminated and punched


§         Register of plastic/cardboard (A4/A5)


§         Ring file laminated/welded plastic


§         Desk pads


§         Ribbons for cats/dogs against flea and tick


§         Air fresheners


Novoplastic Pinkafelder
A-7423 Wiesfleck 210 
Tel.: +43 3357 42204
Fax: +43 3357 42204-10
E-Mail: plank@novoplastic.at
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