Kunststoffnetzwerk Burgenland

HWB is a competent and flexible partner for companies working in the field of injection-molding.

They offer solid, fully developed and customer-oriented solutions for:

  • Optimizing of products and parts
  • Molds for prototypes and mass-produced-parts
  • Production of small quantities,Custom-made production.
With high quality, at term and engagement!

Business Activities

§         Support in developing your products


§         3D-design and moldflow-analysis


§         Molds up to 20 tons


§         "Mold-doctor" - repairing and overhaul of molds


§         Tryout of molds - max. shot weight 10 kg


§         Injection-molding of small quantities


§         CAD: I-DEAS for 3D and 2D Pro/Engineer (extern)


§         Powermill for 3D and 2 D (including HSC)


§         SmartCam Freeform Machining - for 2½ and 3D


§         CAE-Simulation: Moldflow


Horitschoner Werkzeugbau GmbH
Industriestraße 1
A-7312 Horitschon
Tel.: +43 2610 43153-0
Fax: +43 2610 43153-15
E-Mail: office@hwb.co.at
Internet: www.hwb.co.at
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