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HTP High Tech Plastics GmbH develops, produces and distributes high-precision injection molding plastic products. HTP consistently pursued a one-stop-shop strategy, which guarantees the customer the development achievement, the specific mold construction, production, surface finishing and logistics services. As a systems supplier and development partner, the company has established business relationships with international companies from the aircraft- and electronics industries, as well as all major automotive manufacturers and their key suppliers.


Business Activities

§      High Temperature Thermoplastics


§       Insert Technology


§      Speaker- lattice


§      Automobile Interior


§      Automobile Exterior


§      Aircraft


§      Baby- Article


§      Medical Engineering


§      Thermoplastics Injection Moulding


§      Multicomponent Injection Moulding

HTP High Tech Plastics GmbH
Fabriksgelände 1
A-7201 Neudörfl
Tel.: +43 2622 460-0
Fax: +43 2622 460-1151
E-Mail: electronics@htp.at
Internet: www.htp.at
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