Kunststoffnetzwerk Burgenland

The ECRR understands itself as a node of competency and a network of specialists with various fields of expertise. All of our experts have years of experience in recycling and waste-, material-, and resource management.

By bringing together experts and their experiences – both positive and negative – from various relevant fields we can guarantee our customers a both economic and ecological optimum. Not only do we develop optimal technical solutions that are adapted to local conditions, but we also assess the operational and broader economic impact.

All according to the principle: Don´t waste the waste!


Business Activities

The European Centre for Recycling and Resource Management
provides a wide range of one-stop solutions and services rendered by a pool of experts:

Education and Training
They educate and train personnel, with a focus on waste and material-flow management and recycling and resource management.

They provide you with advice on how to develop state-of-the-art waste management services and procedures and recycling and resource management.

Operating Procedures
They design and streamline operating procedures.

Takeover of Managerial Duties
They take over technical, organisational, and commercial responsibilities, up to the point of outsourcing.

They handle the disposal of waste, component parts, and raw materials.

Financial Planning und Support
They conduct financial budgeting and identify funding possibilities.

R&D Projects
They develop and implement R&D projects in a wide variety of fields.

They carry out short- and long-range emission and immission measurements and analyses.

They form interdisciplinary work groups which assist in specific current projects and promote international exchange of information.

Ecological Impact Analysis
They conduct ecological impact studies, using state-of-the-art Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods.

Project and Enterprise Development
They assist you in developing and establishing businesses in the waste management sector, focusing on technical, organisational and economic aspects, and they also help you streamline day-to-day operations.

Special Projects
They provide assistance in tackling projects which demand highly specialised solutions, such as ensuring that your business complies with ordinances on the disposal of electric appliances or adequate packaging and other legal requirements.

They carry out pre-feasibility and feasibility studies as well as projects focusing on process details and the like.

Technical Services
They take care of planning, tendering, choosing the appropriate equipment and other related needs - to say it in two words: technical consulting.



Europäisches Zentrum
für Recycling und Ressourcenwirtschaft

Rottwiese 62
A-7350 Oberpullendorf
Telefon: +43 2612 46006
Telefax: +43 2612 46006-69
E-Mail: office@ezrr.at
Internet: www.ezrr.at

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