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Austrotherm is the specialist for premium quality and future-oriented thermal- and noise-insulating products in Middle- and Eastern-Europe. As a designated and in many areas the only Austrian producer of EPS- and XPS-insulating materials, facade elements and interior-sanitary-construction products (panels) with continuing attention to quality- and innovation policy.


Business Activities
  • Austrotherm EPS

EPS (expanded polystyrene, Styropor) is an insulator which has been optimally proven on roofs, walls, ceilings, floors, living and office-buildings, schools, hospitals and cold storages for many years. This extraordinary economical insulator rapidly reduces heating costs.


  • Austrotherm XPS - extruded polystyrene foam

The pink insulation board provides energy savings, thermal insulation, from the basement to the roof. Just where extreme pressure and moisture stress, particularly high demands on the insulation materials, the extruded polystyrene (Short form XPS, named after extruded polystyrene foam) is the ideal solution for numerous applications. Such as perimeter and base insulation, flat roof insulation, insulation under the soil plate, in wet areas, etc.


  • Facade design with Austrotherm Facade Profiles

A facade gives a building its charm. For the stylish design of facades, the Austrian market leader has developed numerous Austrotherm profile variations that give buildings a distinctive touch. Take advantage of the opportunity to implement Austrotherm facade profiles using new ideas or to lovingly reconstruct old.


  • Austrotherm Uniplatte (Construction Board)
The Austrotherm UNIPLATTE (construction board) is waterproof, heat insulating and stable, especially suitable as a base for laying tiles in thin-bed.



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