Kunststoffnetzwerk Burgenland

The Transfer of Know-how

Trainings help make employees of Cluster member companies and their Hungarian partner companies fit:

  • for the new challenge of adapting to the fleeting industrial and technological changes and as a consequence thereof
  • for offering the customer the highest possible product at the utmost speed.

Training fields

  • Technical courses (to develop skilled worker know-how)
    • Intensive Plastics Seminars
    • Basic Plastics Technologies for Non-technicians
    • Business Administration for Non-technicians – Basics
    • Successful Sales Techniques and Telephone Training for In-house Sales
    • Sales Strategies
    • Telephone Training for Reception Personnel
    • Project Management
    • Office Organisation
    • Licence for Handling Fork-Lift Trucks
    • Training as a Safety Spokesperson
  • Personality Training courses (to develop management abilities)*
    • Training for senior managers/heads of departments
    • Training for senior employees in production
    • Coaching
    • Senior Employees and Health
    • “How to Relax”
    • Time Management
    • Communication, Rhetoric, Negotiating
    • Communication, Rhetoric, Personal Appearance
    • Conflict Management
  • Computer courses*
    • MS Excel I Basic course
    • MS Excel II Intermediate course
    • MS Outlook I Basic course
    • MS Outlook II Intermediate course
    • MS Power Point I Introduction
    • MS Power Point II Intermediate course
    • MS Word I Basic course
    • MS Word II Intermediate course
  • Language courses (to make companies fit for international business)
    • English Basic course
    • Business English Basic course
    • Technical English
    • Hungarian Basic course/conversation
    • Slovakian Basic course/conversation
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